SMT (Surface Mount Tech)Features

Normal Process and lead-free process.

DIP Features

PTH: Dual wave soldering(Lead-free-process) and multi-point soldering.

F/G(Finished Product):Final Assembly, Packing, Test

Manufacturing Product

Various electronic products, including SMT insertions, assembly, test, maintenance, and fabrication.

The Equipment Features

SI-E1100 is a compact size machine with high-speed and good-performance chip mounter. It employs a newly developed super-compact planet head to achieve the highest speed and performing rating in its class. These attributes are accmpanied by high-quality placement capabilities supporting part thickness inspection and selectable reflective/transmission part recongnition. Together, they ensure easy high-density mounting operation andselectable reflective/transmission part recongnition. Together, they wnsure easy high-density mounting operation.

With newly risen techniques of the wrld, the smallest rotary head(Planet Head) can offer industry high-class performance. It features rotary indexer-equivalent precision realized by controlling the planet gears with a full closed rotary servo. Bi-directional head rotation provides optimum head control, yielding a significant reduction of time loss in head movement.